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. Cotton Lined Leather Palm and Thumb, Fabric back, Shirred Elastic back, All Leather Wing Thumb, Index Finger, Finger Tips, Knuckle Strap and Continuous Pull.

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. Leather work gloves such as these shown here, are designed to protect the full hand during on-the-job activities. Leather is a natural, breathable fabric that is used to make clothing accessories, shoes, household furnishing, and many other products. Many work gloves are made of suede leather, due to the leather’s durability, flexibility and softness. Work gloves are often used for outdoor projects, so they can become caked with dirt, grime and grease. When work gloves become extremely dirty, they tend to stiffen and become uncomfortable to wear. Leather work gloves can last for years, if cleaned and maintained regularly. Work gloves are easy to identify as they normally come in a thick protective material such as canvas. Leather palm work gloves, however, have leather in the underside palm area of the hand and fingertips as well. The leather protects hands from sharp points, blades and other dangers. Do not machine wash or dry.

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